Who am I?
Hello, my name is Heather and I love to illustrate. I’m most comfortable with drawing people, but also enjoy doing patterned art and drawing whatever comes to mind.

I have done brochures, infographics, greeting cards and maps in addition to these illustrations. I am comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and would love to partner with you if you enjoy my work!

Recently I’ve also started to turn my illustrations into physical products. I’m starting with pins, but there are more great ideas in the pipeline, such as stickers! Fancy enamel pins? Check them out here 🙂

Head over here to see more of my illustrations. Also feel free to contact me for freelancing or project-based rates, or if you want to know more about the different work I do!

To clarify…
All pictures on this website are drawn/arranged by me – from the avatar to the illustrations listed on the first page.

Some illustrations are collages which utilise existing pictures I found off the internet, but I still conceptualised the artwork myself. All artwork is copyrighted!

Tofu – what?
I prefer to go by my online moniker, Tofubros. Let’s just say my friends and I were inspired by our common love for food and weird things. Homage to food – check. Sense of solidarity – check. Stereotypical weird artist name – check!

What I actually do…
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing and Management) from the NUS Business School and am exceptionally passionate about Marketing. I have participated in a few notable case competitions (Unilever, L’Orèal) and truly enjoy the challenge of solving real problems for brands through a three-pronged research-strategy-execution method. Daily, I am constantly amused by how an intangible asset like great branding can positively affect the bottom line of a company – and I take pride in communicating this positive perception through good design, compelling campaigns and effective marketing concepts. I pen down some interesting ideas on my blog here. I’m also trying to improve on the technical aspects of marketing, through certifications in Google Adwords (Search/Mobile/Display) and Analytics (Advanced) and basic coding knowledge (HTML, CSS, MySQL).

Shop my pins, check out my designs, follow me on Instagram or contact me for commissioned art!