Reimagining Marmite

Reimagining Marmite, 2016 (c) Tofubros

This fortnight’s #POTD is about Reimagining Marmite and making it (more) delectable through pretty packaging.

Reimagining Marmite
Made from yeast extract, with a powerful and distinctive flavour that you either like or hate… hmm. I wanted to jazz the packaging up that would make youths want to try something that they might otherwise have abstained from. Packaging sells, and I believe it.

I gave the Marmite bottle a softer, more feminine look to counter the strong flavour that people associate with Marmite. I retained the round shape of the bottle (quaint and cute) and stuck with a serious, block Sans Serif font to exude legitimacy as a food spread(?). Then, I conceptualised a quirky, slightly hipster logo to draw in the young crowd.

Lastly, leaves were used as the background of the image to symbolise Marmite’s relation to nature (ah, long shot – but yeast and leaves are both somewhat… natural….?????).

The Process
Frankly speaking, this was more of a design collage than it was an illustration. In Adobe Illustrator, using vectors I drew the outline of the Marmite bottle and its signature banner on its logo. I decided to do this on Illustrator so I could scale the image in Photoshop without compromising on the quality of the lines.

Then, I opened Adobe Photoshop and got a couple of watercolour and hand-drawn images off Google (do I deserve some credit for choosing complementary pictures? ;)) for the different layers of my Marmite bottle. A few different Sans Serif fonts were used for the logo, and I gave them a nice arch to fit the banner.

For the finishing touches, I played around with brightness/contrast, hue/saturation and noise to get the different looks.

What do you think? Comment down or let me know here!

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